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I wanna buy this guy a drink….

But I’m thinking about sending a coupon instead of getting him in the same state as I am. After all I have spent enough time in hospitals lately. And putting Acidman and I into the same state would definitely get me into the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

First really good laugh I have had since Anna was injured, I nearly choked on my food. I owe you one Acidman…tell me where to send the coupons. hehe. Funniest posts I have read in months.

Straight White Guy: I’m in serious trouble now


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  1. .. what a fucking mess….

    1. Eric on March 31st, 2005 at
  2. I don’t need no stinking COUPONS!!! Just don’t do like my neighbor, Henry, and show up unannounced at my door and quaff a half a quart of Maker’s Mark before I toss you out of the Crackerbox.

    I’ll buy YOU a drink instead.


    2. Acidman on March 30th, 2005 at