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Picking a nit…WTF???

Lets see now, the Supreme Court was helping people be left alone when they decided that people didn’t become people until they were born??? WTF! Now the Supreme Court is deciding the people aren’t people if they can’t have a spot of tea and talk about the weather…deciding to allow Terri to be murdered like some unwanted fetus simply because she is inconvenient and unable to discuss the latest office gossip.

All in the spirit of allowing people to be left alone.

Maybe I am missing something but perhaps some better ways of expressing what very well might be a terrific sentiment might be found by the guys over at Wizbang.

Life is way too precious to be so casual about it. Perspective people, perspective. Life is the most fundamental right we all have…each and every one of us. Lets be very careful about being casual with it.

    Wizbang The most fundamental right: “To me, the simplest, most important, and most often violated right is the simple right to be left alone. I think that’s what the Supreme Court was grasping for when it came down with Roe V. Wade, and it’s at the crux of so many of our other basic rights. And it seems these days that it’s the one most often ignored. Here are a few examples.

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  1. Oh, for heaven’s sake…

    Pierre, the justification for Roe V. Wade was the “right to privacy,” which they said was in the “penumbra” of the Constitution. I wasn’t citing my agreement with it (that’s a whole ‘nother issue), merely using it as a historical landmark for the main gist of my piece.

    You’re smarter than this, Pierre. It was a tossed-off historical reference, and EVERYBODY’S getting all wrapped up in that single phrase and ignoring my main thesis.



    1. Jay Tea on March 31st, 2005 at