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Wisdom from the left side of the aisle

From the woman who gave us this bit of scintallating wisdom…

“I support the Judge’s ruling.  Any method of execution that involves pain or the masking of pain should be unconstitutional,” said Assemblywoman Lieber.  “The administration of California’s death penalty needs reform,” Lieber continued.  “We’re seeing bipartisan support, in Florida and other areas, to focus on this issue.”

Source: December 15, 2006 – Lieber Statement on Lethal Injection Ruling

Comes this bit of even more scintallating wisdom…

Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, D-Mountain View, wants to outlaw spanking children up to 3 years old. If she succeeds, California would become the first state in the nation to explicitly ban parents from smacking their kids.

Perhaps it might be noted that this “expert” has no children of her own. Also let it be known that I think that punching a 6-month old is beyond the pale. But it is not beyond the pale to smack the well padded bottom of a child getting ready to do something that will cause it considerably more pain should you allow it to happen. I trust the parent to make the decision regarding what age it is appropiate to warn the child with a smacked bottom.

But it is illustrative that this same woman who doesn’t believe that a condemned killer should feel any pain is the same woman who believes that we should not be allowed to spank children. I suspect the 3 year old age limit is only the beginning. After all if a condemned killer should not feel any pain then why should a 5 year old feel the sting of pain from a well deserved spanking? Slippery slope anyone…ok we are accelerating.

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