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Soda Can Assault Victim Wakes to Shoot Robber

Not sure Willie Lee Hill got the memo on non violence. After all aren’t we supposed to act like Sheeple and call the police? But noooooo he has to pull a gun and shoot the poor almost innocent assault/battery/robber/home invader and purt near killed the poor boy.

Willie Lee Hill, 93, told police he saw the robber while in his bedroom Wednesday night. Hill confronted Douglas B. Williams Jr., 24, of El Dorado, who struck the elderly man at least 50 times, knocking him out, police said.

Hill, covered in blood from the attack, regained consciousness and pulled a .38-caliber handgun on Williams. Williams saw the gun and charged Hill, who fired one round, police said. The bullet struck Williams in the throat. FOXNews.com – Soda Can Assault Victim Wakes to Shoot Robber – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

Another reason why a gun in your hand is better than a phone in your hand. Shoot the bad guys if they are in your house, then after they are lying on the floor bleeding, pick up the phone. It works better that way.

People always try to tell me that they don’t have time to pick up a gun…my thought is then if you don’t have time to pick up a gun how in the hell are you supposed to have time to pick up a phone and describe what is happening to the 911 operator whilst some scumbag is beating you about the head and shoulders like you are some sort of red haired step child. Or worse he is doing the same to your family. Yea I see myself talking on the goddamn phone while that is happening.

Also some of you have a fascination with pepper spray…take a look at this video of a guy being sprayed repeatedly by police. He then goes on to attack them.

I won’t show you the video of the officer who was filmed by his car camera being shot to death by a criminal he had repeatedly sprayed with is what supposed to be more potent pepper spray. Use a gun it works better.We better be careful because that is exactly what the Democrats have in store for us should they win the White House. We will all be as defenseless as those idiotic Englishmen who have welcomed every single device of surveillance and forsaken every single device of defense…even their fists. First they disarm you then they rule you. The English have cameras on every goddamn street-corner…so now some lazy ass government bureaucrat gets to watch some poor defenseless Englishman get the crap beat out of them. Lovely. A snippet about the hapless English from Brussels Journal.

The always excellent writer Theodore Dalrymple, one of the most astute observers of Britain and indeed of the Western world today, has assessed the ten years under the leadership of former PM Tony Blair. According to Dalrymple, ?Many in Britain believe that he has been the worst prime minister in recent British history, morally and possibly financially corrupt, shallow and egotistical.? One of the reasons for this negative view is the rapid growth of insecurity, ironically combined with the even more rapid growth of surveillance: ?The typical Briton finds himself recorded by security cameras 300 times a day does not secure him in the slightest from crime or antisocial behavior, which remain prevalent in Britain, so no one feels any safer from the terrorist threat despite the ever-increasing government surveillance.?

Further down in the same article:

He believes the inadequacies of the state are hidden beneath a web of lies of half-truths, and by confusing the public through corrupting official statistics. Unemployment rates are artificially kept down by classifying people as sick rather than unemployed, ?and thus, by a single lie, is the population, the medical profession and the government corrupted.? Likewise, crime rates are kept down by encouraging the police not to record crimes. Through such measures, ?the whole of society finds itself corrupted and infantilized by its inability to talk straight.?

Who would ever imagine that the police would lie about crime…hmmm. How about the First District in New Orleans prior to Katrina being under investigation for underreporting crime…nah say it ain’t so. That is why I found it so hilarious that folks were hanging on every word from the NO police chiefs mouth regarding crime when they decided in NO that perhaps downplaying Katrina crime might be a better strategy than highlighting it. Oh well its all water over the levee now.

Was in a meeting at City Hall having to do with some construction in Downtown Baton Rouge and the subject of having the elderly feel safe in downtown Baton Rouge came up. I asked what the Mayor planned on doing about that and was told by his chief administrative assistant that they had this 3,000,000 dollar program to install gun cameras around the downtown.

Some of the tools police officers will use to fight crime in Baton Rouge include video cameras, some of which will alert police when a gunshot is fired within 75 feet of where the shot was fired.

The cameras will be placed in high-crime neighborhoods and the ShotSpotters will be installed in the Bottoms area of south Baton Rouge, on Gardere Lane, in the Eden Park area, on Lobdell Drive and in the Melrose East area, LeDuff has said.

I suggested that instead of someone taking pictures after I am shot that perhaps they might consider just adding more police officers so I wouldn’t get shot. And furthermore making damn sure that when we captured and prosecuted criminals that we kept them off the streets. Said the same thing on the local radio station and got the same reaction…blank stares…figuratively in the case of the radio stations. The radio station had the audacity to suggest that keeping criminals behind bars was not the Mayors responsibility. Well no not his direct responsibility but I bet if someone as visible as Mayor Holden started holding judges to account when they give light sentences to criminals things might change. Almost 60% of those released from prison for violent crime within 3 years commit another violent crime. Hey how about instead of buying cameras we buy some more jails? Here is why take a close look at these recidivism rates.


Sensible suggestions have no place in today’s society. Gadgets and appearing to fight crime are better according to the Government. So follow Willie’s example get a gun and protect yourself, ain’t no one else gonna do it. But rest assured some bureaucrat will be filming your death. There do you feel better now?

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