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Doing the Work Americans Won’t do…Woman Accused in Deadly School Bus Crash Charged With Identity Theft!

So you drive a van into a school bus full of kids. You kill 4 of them. You and your boyfriend are illegally in the country. The immigration fiasco has been in the news for over 6 years. Huge demonstrations both for and against illegal immigration have been happening all over the country. Given all of that exactly where in this article do you think the AP thought to update us with the fact that this woman who killed 4 children was an illegal alien? Furthermore that the owner of the van was also an illegal?

Woman Accused in Deadly School Bus Crash Charged With Identity Theft

FOXNews.com – Woman Accused in Deadly School Bus Crash Charged With Identity Theft – Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

MINNEAPOLIS —  Federal prosecutors filed identity theft charges on Friday against the woman accused in a school bus crash that killed four students.

  • Olga Marina Franco del Cid, 24, of Minneota, was already charged in state court with four counts of criminal vehicular homicide.

Nope not in the first paragraph…

  • The new charges accuse her of giving authorities a false name and Social Security number after the crash Feb. 19, when four students were killed when a van she drove crashed into their school bus near Cottonwood in southwestern Minnesota. She was charged with two counts of aggravated identity theft and two counts of false representation of a Social Security number.

Nothing in the second paragraph…though admittedly there is a hint of something amiss.

  • Prosecutors filed the same federal charges against her live-in boyfriend, Francisco Sangabriel-Mendoza, 29, also of Minnesota, who prosecutors say was the registered owner of the van. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and authorities asked anyone who knows his whereabouts to call the Immigration and Customs Enforcement toll free hot line at 1-866-347-2423.

Third paragraph gives us a really big hint that something is amiss with their citizenship status but leaves us guessing.

  • Franco’s attorney, Manuel Guerrero of St. Paul, declined comment on the new charges, saying he hadn’t seen them. Franco did not immediately return a message left at the Lyon County Jail in Marshall.

Fourth paragraph…zip, zilch nada.

  • Both of Franco and Sangabriel-Mendoza face maximum potential penalties of five years in prison on each false representation count and two years on each identity theft count.

Fifth paragraph has us wondering why it would take so long to tell us that both of these folks the owner of the van and the driver of the van that killed 4 children are illegal aliens. But in case you are keeping track, nope nothing in that paragraph either.

  • Right after the crash, Franco identified herself as Alianiss Nunez-Morales. But immigration investigators found the real Nunez-Morales in Connecticut. She told them her purse and identification documents were stolen more than six months ago when she was living in Puerto Rico, according to an ICE affidavit.
  • The affidavit alleges Franco used Nunez-Morales’ Social Security number to obtain a Minnesota identification card, an ID that is not a driver’s license. Franco allegedly was not licensed to drive in Minnesota. She also allegedly gave the Social Security number at two Minnesota companies where she worked.
  • When ICE agents searched her home in Minneota last Friday, they found a Guatemalan birth certificate, a certified Guatemalan ID card for Franco, correspondence to and from Guatemala in the name of her parents, and numerous receipts showing money transfers to her mother in Guatemala, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a news release.

Nothing in the 6th, 7th and 8th paragraphs either. But at least they identify where she was sending her money to, Guatemala. In case you didn’t know illegals sending money back to Mexico are the second or third largest source of income to Mexico:

The total value of remittances has been estimated to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 to 11 billion dollars. The Mexican government admits that the remittances form the country’s third-highest source of income, after petroleum and tourism. Some estimates actually put remittances in second place.

Hmmm…not much incentive there to stop illegals…but lets get back to our investigation of Associated Press’s whitewashing job.

  • Authorities earlier said Franco is in the United States illegally.

In the 9th paragraph we learn that the woman in question was in the country illegally. Why did it take so long? Is it because the AP understands that most people won’t read that far down into the story? Is there an agenda to whitewash illegal immigration?

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