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Derbyshire wonders why we must respect Obama’s idiotic excuses regarding his pastor! Probably because Obama is black…

After all if Obama was white he would have been laughed out of the house for making up that much baloney to excuse his alliance with the Right Reverend Wright. Obama made an alliance with this clown to “reach” out and gather street cred to make a run for office back in the day. Because back in the day the Right Reverend Wright was not as radical as he is now. And besides if he was radical and is radical now whose fault is it??? Well it’s white man’s fault and the way to heal that is for the white man to understand that we are to blame and we need to PAY. I am guessing that won’t play very well with in the fly over states. May not play well with all the blue dogs either. Oh baby please let Obama win the nomination. If we lose to that collection of leftist cliche’s we deserve anything that happens.

Here is John Derbyshire on the supposed need to tip toe around Osama/Obama.

I don’t get the sensitivity and slack-cutting towards Obama that Charles Murray’s post typified. Obama’s the enemy � a far-left Democrat. We should be attacking him at every weak point. That’s politics.

A pro-Obama emailer whines to me that the Pastor Wright business is “a Swift Boating of Obama.” Well, duh! The Corner on National Review Online

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