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Why I Home School Reason #3,456,000 Zero-tolerance stupidity: 6-year-old labeled a “sexual harasser”

A 6 year old slaps a girl’s behind, naturally the rational action for the school to take is to call the police. Okey Dokey.  I support this nonsense with tax dollars. Our children are falling farther behind other children around the world in mathmatics, while we spend more per child than nearly everyone in the world. Fine, thank you sir, may I have another!

Calling the police for a disciplinary issue amounts to a complete capitulation of the administration’s authority over the children and a highly distorted sense of priorities. Nor is Potomac View alone in this issue. In Maryland alone, 166 elementary-school students got suspended for sexual harassment last year. Those figures include 22 first-graders, 16 kindergartners, and three pre-schoolers. In Virginia, ABC News reports, 255 elementary-school children got suspended last year for the same reasons. Hot Air » Blog Archive » Zero-tolerance stupidity: 6-year-old labeled a “sexual harasser” Update: Sexual Harassment Panda

Lest you think I jest about the falling farther behind claim. Click to see full size version. Get some hanky’s to wipe your tears away. We are below every single developed nation except Italy and Portugal. Weeeee….but we are arresting 6-year olds for supposed sexual harassment.


If you want to see the entire picture go here.

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