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Brilliant expose of the liberal/left’s need to censor those that raise in convenient facts.

This is a must read blog post.

Little Tyrants Upset Over Debate

Liberal outrage over the ABC News debate last night is at a fever pitch, with a familiar call to arms going out across the land — shutting down free speech is a common wish of these free thinkers: Perfunction: Little Tyrants Upset Over Debate

Here is a tasty morsel from a brilliant post.

Daily Kos (yesterday)

President Barack should pull their [ABC’s] Broadcasting License.

Code Pink (2005):

Clear Channel wants a new 8-year license to control our public airwaves, promote war, and use our music against us…Pull the plug on corporate radio and tell the FCC to hold Clear Channel accountable, or revoke their broadcast license.

It is coming…beware of your vote this fall. It might be the last informed vote held in these United States. This is not the time to allow these radical Democrats into power. Let us vote for the decidedly untasty McCain. With the obvious failure of the left to gain a win in a supposedly impossible to lose year perhaps the Democrats will purge themselves of the undemocratic forces within their party. The Democrats have managed to push up the only two Democrats that would lose to McCain.

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