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Snow in Baton Rouge…Gore Unavailable for Comment!

Five in the morning my daughter Marlo comes running through the house screaming that its SNOWING. And it sure is, not those little chickenshit snows that sometimes happen down here but heavy fun snow. Naturally the Legrand’s went outdoors immediately…heh. Homeschool kids have lots of advantages over the indoctrination clan. So at 5:15 in the morning we are outside…the girls were outside before that but only as long as it took me to remind them that going outdoors in the snow in their PJ’s might not be wise. Can you say excited? I know you can. See we don’t get snow down here like this very often. Last time we had measurable snow and this measured right around 3 inches, WOW!

Here is the report from our local weather guru…DAVE NUSSBAUM

This snowstorm ranks as the 4th snowiest in Baton Rouge history:

1)  February 14-15, 1895 – 12.5″
2)  January 23, 1940 – 3.5″
3)  February 5, 1988 – 3.2″
4)  December 11, 2008 – 3.0″
5)  January 11-12, 1973 – 1.8″
6)  January 30, 1949 – 1.6″

Some of these pictures open in a new window…

Snow Baton Rouge La USA December 2008 It is 5:15 in the morning and the crazy Legrands are out in the snow…yikes.
Freezing cold and she has a huge smile on her face…Dad’s coat is a lot warmer than the original outerwear of PJ’s. Daughter playing in the snow of Baton Rouge 2008
Snow of Baton Rouge 08 They have disappeared into the snow looking laughing and playing.
Hey this is coming down pretty darn hard. 4th snowiest day in Baton Rouge history
Sheer joy! Snow of Baton Rouge This one had to be dragged inside around 5pm after being out most of the say. He fell asleep at the dining room table.
Where I work in Downtown Baton Rouge Looked a lot better in person…only had my camera phone for these.
SnowBatonRouge1 SnowBatonRouge2
SnowBatonRouge3 SnowBatonRouge4
SnowBatonRouge5 SnowBatonRouge7

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