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Nuff said…well maybe not.

My dog was hit by a car the other day and the amazingly loud sound of him hitting the bumper is still with me. I never used to undertand how close people could be with their dogs.

Sure, I have had a lot of dogs and I thought I really liked them. But none of them compare to Frodo. He is a golden doodle who is smarter than the average 3 year old, hell he is probably smarter than a bunch of 15 year olds. We have been building a fantastic rapport him and I. He is the first dog I have ever had that responds to pointing, the first that doesn’t run off, the first that listens to commands (most of the time) and he is always excited by my arrival. Something that cannot be said about the rest of my family, no fault of theirs. Dogs love you unconditionally, families remember your faults, dogs forget them immediately. He is a big dog but not big enough to prevent his tail-wagging routine to move his entire body when I come into view. So yea, I now pretty much completely understand those people who claim they LOVE their dogs, we, all five of us, love Frodo…

Frodo and I were in my nearly half an acre of yard early one morning last week while he was going about his business. You can see the street from where we are but it is a long ways off. We didn’t have a fence, we do now. Well, I saw his big floppy head perk up and I yelled at him to SIT! Didn’t work. For a 75 pound dog he is astoundingly quick. I ran after  him just in time to hear that sickening sound (I too made a sound I have never heard from myself…and never want to hear again) and see him bounce off the front bumper, thank goodness he didn’t go under. He bounced off the bumper into the ground got up and kept running into the neighbors front yard then he finally responded to my commands and sat down. He then looked at me like…WTF just happened! THAT SHIT HURT! I ran over to him and gave him a hug not believing he was looking at me instead of being gone…my eyes were a little blurry but I looked him over and squeezed all of his body gently to see if anything was busted…no yelps. Started to think we might have dodged a big ass bullet.

Stood up from checking his body and said come and he looked at me as if to say NO FREAKING WAY, I am just gonna sit here until all this shit stops spinning and all those DAMN CARS are gone! Understanding that he was terrified I went over and picked him up and carried  him into the house. He was ok, we went to the vet and confirmed it but he was ok…

I built a fence that afternoon on my break between morning and evening time at the Club. Sorry buddy I let you down by not having a fence earlier. Now I am just waiting for that sound to go away…that damn sound.

Frodo Wants To Play Fetch

Waiting For A Hot Dog

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