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Johns Hopkins Students Not So Open Minded…

Why you must not, ever, simply accept what you are being told by any “expert”. Doctors are, as a group, especially prone to group think. Consider that the school discussed below, Johns Hopkins, is one of the top medical schools in the world. Consider that a few of the students, future doctors, got up and left instead of having their core beliefs challenged. Do you want one of them telling you how to be healthy?

Today, as a required activity for our Hopkins Med endocrinology course, we watched excerpts Supersize Me and Tom Naughton’s Fat Head. Our professor then engaged us in a discussion comparing the two films. Our professor told our class that the lipid hypothesis is incorrect, said that the USDA Food Pyramid is the product of corn and wheat subsidies (and lobbies), and definitely stirred up some uneasy responses from my classmates.

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How did some of the students react to this challenge to their core beliefs?

They expressed unease by getting up and leaving the lecture hall, by whispering in disgust to their neighbors, etc. — you could see it on their faces.


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