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The Truth Hurts…It Burns

Found this page today…love it. This is only a very small snippet of the goodness found there.

      “If you cannot state a proposition clearly and unambiguously, you do not understand it.” — Dr. Milton Friedman

   “There is not in all America a more dangerous trait than the deification of mere smartness unaccompanied by any sense of moral responsibility.” — Teddy Roosevelt,  Abilene, KS, May 2, 1903

     “We Americans are lucky to live in a country with a history full of noble ideas, great leaders, and awe-inspiring accomplishments. Sadly, many of our elites want no part of it.” —Michael Barone

  “…Shockingly, half of all Americans have IQs below the median [And not so shockingly, many ‘intellectuals’ have no sense of humor].  But intelligence is not the same thing as wisdom or sense. Very intelligent people have been known to advance very compelling arguments on behalf of very bad ideas. What’s more, there is a particular type of stupidity to which intelligent people are uniquely prone: intellectual snobbery, or the tendency to cultivate an attitude of contempt toward those who are not as bright. This may appeal to New York Times readers or voters in, say, Hyde Park — that is, to people who think they’re better than everyone else too.” — James Taranto

    “People who are very aware that they have more knowledge than the average person are often very unaware that they do not have one-tenth of the knowledge of all of the average persons put together. In this situation, for the intelligentsia to impose their notions on ordinary people is essentially to impose ignorance on knowledge.” —Dr. Thomas Sowell

    “No single person possesses anything close to the invisible collective knowledge held by the society as a whole.” — Jonah Goldberg, paraphrasing Friedrich Hayek, here

“The intellectual wants the whole society to be a school writ large, to be like the environment where he did so well and was so well appreciated.” — Robert Nozick, PhD (1986)

     “The juvenile sea squirt wanders through the sea searching for a suitable rock or hunk of coral to cling to and make its home for life. For this task it has a rudimentary nervous system. When it finds its spot and takes root, it doesn’t need its brain any more so it eats it. It’s rather like getting tenure.” — Daniel C. Dennett, Consciousness Explained

   “…the vast majority of intellectuals don’t really originate any ideas, but they peddle ideas that other people have originated.  And that gives them a great deal of freedom, because ideas are so malleable. Words are so malleable.  Reality is not malleable.  And so, they can believe in all sorts of things which have no realistic possibility, and which are fatal time and again in history. But because they know how to rephrase it and repackage it, they can just keep right on going.” — Thomas Sowell to Brian Lamb

“It’s the Intellectual’s Curse. What causes people to be intellectuals is a disposition to think that abstractions and concepts are more real than actual reality – so they become more afraid of the hypothetical consequences of the abstractions in their brains than by concrete threats in the real world.” — Jack Wheeler
“Few of the great tragedies of history were created by the village idiot, and many by the village genius.”- Thomas Sowell

  “An intellectual is someone who, upon being shown something that works in practice, wonders if it would work in theory”” — Rick Gaber, paraphrasing Ronald Reagan

Never allow anyone who’s never worked in the real world, who could only get a government job or teaching job, tell you how to run your life — or how to think about it.” — Dan Skinner

     “Virtually no idea is too ridiculous to be accepted, even by very intelligent and highly educated people, if it provides a way for them to feel special and important. Some confuse that feeling with idealism.” —Dr. Thomas Sowell

     “Dalrymple’s latest book, published this year, is titled Our Culture, What’s Left of It and now he takes a look at the intellectual and political elite, as well as the underclass that has served as guinea pigs for their social experiments.  His account of the smug ignorance of this elite is as chilling as his account of the catastrophic effects of their notions on society.” —Dr. Thomas Sowell

    “The more profound problem, however, is the degree to which many academic intellectuals, especially in the humanities, have lost their ability to distinguish the ‘state’ from ‘society’.” — “Assumptions of Power” by Stephen Cox, Reason magazine, March, 1993

“Using governmental force to impose a vision on others is intellectual sloth.” — Ken Schoolland

    “The economic disasters of socialism and communism come from assuming a blanket superiority of those who want to run a whole economy.” Thomas Sowell

   “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it.” — Thomas Sowell

   “Many academicians and self-styled intellectuals, with a habitually arrogant and condescending attitude, treat the rest of the world with contempt.  These so-called ‘intelligentsia’ congratulate themselves for, not only having high IQs and lots of education in their particular fields, but for having achieved the allegedly momentous insight that free-market capitalism and pure altruism are ultimately incompatible (duh).  Yet they’re still too damned stupid to realize, and too damned ignorant to acknowledge, that altruism is NOT the only moral code available to mankind.  (It is, in fact, the bloodiest and most regressive one of all).  This stunted thinking has resulted in their committing the intellectual atrocity of rejecting the capitalism and freedom instead of the altruism and coercion.” — Rick Gaber

   “The secret dread of modern intellectuals, liberals and conservatives alike, the unadmitted terror at the root of their anxiety, which all of their current irrationalities are intended to stave off and to disguise, is the unstated knowledge that Soviet Russia [was] the full, actual, literal, consistent embodiment of the morality of altruism, that Stalin did not corrupt a noble ideal, [but that his use of brutality was] the only way altruism has to be or can ever be practiced.” —Ayn Rand

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