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Honesty In Science…What? Are You Kidding?

Courtesy of Fat Head Tom Naughton’s blog comes this fantastic blog that will scare you down to your core. Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is a Scottish doctor and author of “The Great Cholesterol Con” and I cannot stop reading his blog. Karen and I have been becoming more skeptical of science with each passing month. Dr. Kendrick is miles ahead of us with evidence galore of how scared all of us should be when an “expert” stands up and tells us what to eat or what drugs to take. Basically all studies pointing to this or that drug should be ignored they are ALL probably based on massaged evidence. Neat. Anyway here is a snippet that while not written by Dr. Kendrick pretty much sums his blog up. Lots of links and great stuff there.

The decline of honesty in science

Anyone who has been a scientist for more than 20 years will realize that there has been a progressive decline in the honesty of communications between scientists, between scientists and their institutions, and between scientists and their institutions and the outside world.

Yet real science must be an arena where truth is the rule; or else the activity simply stops being science and becomes something else: Zombie science. Zombie science is a science that is dead, but is artificially kept moving by a continual infusion of funding. From a distance Zombie science look like the real thing, the surface features of a science are in place – white coats, laboratories, computer programming, PhDs, papers, conference, prizes, etc. But the Zombie is not interested in the pursuit of truth – its citations are externally-controlled and directed at non-scientific goals, and inside the Zombie everything is rotten…..

Scientists are usually too careful and clever to risk telling outright lies, but instead they push the envelope of exaggeration, selectivity and distortion as far as possible. And tolerance for this kind of untruthfulness has greatly increased over recent years. So it is now routine for scientists deliberately to ‘hype’ the significance of their status and performance and ‘spin’ the importance of their research.


via Dr. Malcolm Kendrick | Scottish doctor and author of ‘The Great Cholesterol Con’.

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