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Reason 1003 why Homeschool rocks…

My kids won’t ever know why this cartoon is so funny to me….

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How to disarm America by a Former State Department Diplomat

How come I am not surprised that this sort of thinking is coming out of the mouth of a former State Department “Diplomat”? A snippet from this article by Dan Simpson, a retired diplomat.

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Global Warming Hysterics…Fun with Photoshop

YIKES!!! TEXAS A&M Has 2 Steve Schroeders….and naturally because I haven’t eaten any crow lately one of them is indeed a Climatologist.  This hurts me more than you know because the rest of this post was much better researched. But fair is fair and I blew it when I screwed up on identifying Schroeder, sorry for misleading you.

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Wisdom from the left side of the aisle

From the woman who gave us this bit of scintallating wisdom…

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Truth peeked out from under Katie Couric’s skirt

Truth peeked out from under Katie Couric’s skirt…CBS moved to snuff it out as well.

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Artie Shaw – Symphony Of Swing

Turn the sound up Mom and enjoy Artie Shaw videos. Geepers Creepers, Helen Forest singing Deep Purple…doesnt mean much to me except that this music grabs something deep inside and makes me smile.

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Stalker-0 Armed Husband-1 Wifey happy with the investment in my .45 and all the training!

It has been a very strange past 5 weeks, oh hell let’s not limit it to the last 5 weeks given my 9 year old daughter’s life threatening accident a year and half ago and Katrina. Life has been interesting… On top of all that trial and nearly being at the end of the garage conversion to a master bedroom bath, pictured here I have been trying to get everything switched over to my new WordPress blog at my new domain http://pierrelegrand.net/ And just because Murphy is a real bastard he went and threw something else on top of the heap just to keep my attention you know. 

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Why I own guns and have taught my wife how to use them. Home defense

Gun Control means hitting your target.

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Picking a nit…WTF???

Lets see now, the Supreme Court was helping people be left alone when they decided that people didn’t become people until they were born??? WTF! Now the Supreme Court is deciding the people aren’t people if they can’t have a spot of tea and talk about the weather…deciding to allow Terri to be murdered like some unwanted fetus simply because she is inconvenient and unable to discuss the latest office gossip.

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I wanna buy this guy a drink….

But I’m thinking about sending a coupon instead of getting him in the same state as I am. After all I have spent enough time in hospitals lately. And putting Acidman and I into the same state would definitely get me into the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

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