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Reason number 1,200,001 to Homeschool, it works better.

Great article about homeschooling.   Let’s hear it for the home team — they have done it again. Last month, 13-year old Evan O’Dorney of Danville won the National Spelling Bee; Evan is homeschooled. Of those who made it to the finals in Washington, 12.5 percent were homeschooled; of the top seven finishers, three were homeschooled. […]

The Immigration Bill…just when you thought it was safe to respect your Senators

The unholy alliance of supposedly conservative Republicans with Kennedy Democrats is back and they are pissed. Hold on to your country because they are determined to redefine it into something not even the youngest adults among us would recognize in 5 years. Courtesy of Michelle Malkin comes news that the bill is alive. Link to Michelle Malkin: It’s […]

Reason 1003 why Homeschool rocks…

My kids won’t ever know why this cartoon is so funny to me…. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE FULL SIZE VERSION…ya won’t be able to read the funny part otherwise…duh. Hat tip to 11D Technorati tags: homeschooling, homeschool, school, kids, children

How to disarm America by a Former State Department Diplomat

How come I am not surprised that this sort of thinking is coming out of the mouth of a former State Department “Diplomat”? A snippet from this article by Dan Simpson, a retired diplomat. The disarmament process would begin after the initial three-month amnesty. Special squads of police would be formed and trained to carry […]

Global Warming Hysterics…Fun with Photoshop

YIKES!!! TEXAS A&M Has 2 Steve Schroeders….and naturally because I haven’t eaten any crow lately one of them is indeed a Climatologist.  This hurts me more than you know because the rest of this post was much better researched. But fair is fair and I blew it when I screwed up on identifying Schroeder, sorry for […]

Wisdom from the left side of the aisle

From the woman who gave us this bit of scintallating wisdom… “I support the Judge’s ruling.  Any method of execution that involves pain or the masking of pain should be unconstitutional,” said Assemblywoman Lieber.  “The administration of California’s death penalty needs reform,” Lieber continued.  “We’re seeing bipartisan support, in Florida and other areas, to focus […]

Truth peeked out from under Katie Couric’s skirt

Truth peeked out from under Katie Couric’s skirt…CBS moved to snuff it out as well. What caught the eye of the Freepers was the idea that Abortion was being used by a Columbine dad to explain why life is viewed so cheaply these days. But what caught my eye was the Dad’s observation that this […]

Artie Shaw – Symphony Of Swing

Turn the sound up Mom and enjoy Artie Shaw videos. Geepers Creepers, Helen Forest singing Deep Purple…doesnt mean much to me except that this music grabs something deep inside and makes me smile. Artie Shaw – Symphony Of Swing

Why I own guns and have taught my wife how to use them. Home defense

Gun Control means hitting your target. Clayton Cramer has made it his task to scour the newspapers looking for reports of the use of weapons in self defense. Its a terrific read and is on my blogline feed. I recommend this blog highly especially to those poor souls who insist to me that I won’t […]

Picking a nit…WTF???

Lets see now, the Supreme Court was helping people be left alone when they decided that people didn’t become people until they were born??? WTF! Now the Supreme Court is deciding the people aren’t people if they can’t have a spot of tea and talk about the weather…deciding to allow Terri to be murdered like […]

I wanna buy this guy a drink….

But I’m thinking about sending a coupon instead of getting him in the same state as I am. After all I have spent enough time in hospitals lately. And putting Acidman and I into the same state would definitely get me into the hospital with alcohol poisoning. First really good laugh I have had since […]